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My friend's name is Chanel. She was named after a woman named Coco Chanel.
-- mariej2  9/19/2005
I used to think Chanel was pronounced like channel - chan-el instead of sha-nel!
-- Anonymous User  11/2/2005
I hate this name. It's overused in England, practically every other girl being born at the moment is called Chanel.
-- hana  2/9/2006
Chanel Cole is an Australian singer and she is wonderful bearer of it with style and individuality.
-- Anonymous User  3/11/2006
I love this name, it sounds so sophisticated!
-- texasgirl112  4/15/2007
In the movie and book series The Cheetah Girls, Chanel is one of them.
-- bibi66  5/12/2007
Chanel Iman is an American fashion model.
-- dollrock  6/21/2007
I think Chanel is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It is very unique, and is also a nice brand name with handbags, makeup, and fashion clothes!
-- starz646  8/16/2007
Chanel nail polish! This name is great! I pronounce it sha-nel.
-- dreamgirl54  11/11/2007
Ugh. So tacky. If you love Coco Chanel that much, why not use Gabrielle, Coco's real name?
-- melrose452  1/10/2008
Chanel is the name of one of the characters in the Cheetah Girls.
-- Anonymous User  4/5/2008
Brand names are trashy names for trashy people. Chanel is a tacky name.
-- slight night shiver  4/20/2008
I agree with the above comment. I can imagine all the stereotypical airheads with this name in stories.
-- jolidanstitre  5/23/2008
I would have to disagree with the above comments, no offence. I love this name. Never heard it as a name before I met a kind American girl.
-- GarbageGuy  5/30/2008
I personally think Chanel is a wonderful, happy, unique, splendid, fantastic, magical name. It is so delicate, upperclass, and simply beautiful.
-- Anonymous User  6/5/2008
Chanel is not a name. Why do people name tneir children after brands? It looks so stuffy, pretentious, and just plain stupid.
-- bananarama  7/17/2008
I like this name. It's very sophisticated and beautiful!
-- nicole_10107  10/13/2009
The name is pretty, but it'll inevitably be associated with Coco Chanel.
-- Athena Nike  4/4/2010
Chanel is a classy brand, but this name is anything but.
-- Anonymous User  5/4/2010
Wow. Incredible meaning "pipe". I would love to have such a fantastic name meaning. -.-
-- Chrila96  9/11/2010
Brand names on children are just a horrible idea, and "class" your offspring irretrievably, I'm afraid. (Snobbish but accurate).
-- keepitreal  1/21/2011
I'm sorry but this is not sophisticated. It's a classy brand but sounds so trashy when used as a name. So many people naming their daughter this because it's classy? No. Your child is not a handbag. Not really unique. People can do better. I agree with the comment saying you should call your daughter Gabrielle if you love Coco Chanel so much. But people strangley enough want their child associated with an expensive brand. This doesn't give you immediate style and make you look classy on first impression when learning your name.
-- DidiGiraffe  11/29/2011
This name is trashy and ugly. It's one letter away from "channel". I don't get why people name their kids after brands they can't afford, like this one. Plus it means pipe, and it has inspired ghetto spellings such as Chanelle/Shanelle.
-- Bonquiqui  6/3/2012
This is a brand name. It sounds tacky and trashy to name your daughter Chanel. And Coco Chanel isn't exactly the best namesake.
-- Buneary  12/27/2012
That it is. And 'kre8tyv' spellings like shanelle or channelle are even worse, you're just misspelling someone's surname. I was horrified to find this was at one time used in France, I thought they'd have better sense than that.
-- Anonymous User  7/21/2013
This name is just oh so tacky. Yes America let's name our children after a brand of purses. This is not a name that would suit a girl through her life. It stops being cute at about age 25. Then what? I hope she would at least have a classy middle name to turn to when she realizes how tacky being named Chanel is.
-- citylights  8/19/2013
I strongly dislike this name. I would expect Chanel's sisters to be named Destiny, Princess, and Nevaeh.
-- Anonymous User  11/18/2013
Tacky comments from the tacky anonymous as always. An OK name.
-- AppleM32  1/13/2014
As my real name is Chanel, I find it offensive that people are calling my name tacky. I was born in a place where Chanel wasn't that well known and was given that name because my mother watched a movie about Gabrielle Chanel and decided that she liked the name. It wasn't because of the brand, it was about the person. I love my name since I haven't met many with the same name. To me it sounds quite elegant though I might not be that elegant myself... something to aspire to perhaps. I have met too many Sarah's, Emily's, Julie's, Lauren's... I like that my name is different.
-- ChanelB  4/17/2014
Chanel is one of those "names" that just screams snobbish and uptight.
Name your child this and everyone will assume you cherish an overrated company or can't afford it so you burden your child with the name.
-- Anonymous User  12/25/2014

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