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In ancient Greek mythology, Charis was the wife of the god Hephestos.
Damis  3/4/2005
The usual pronunciation of Charis is KA-riss, rhyming with "Harris".
Elly747  4/11/2005
I agree, the name is actually pronounced KAH-riss or Kar-riss (rhymes with Harris), and not Shah-reez or anything like that. In Greek it is probably spelled Karis (the letter C doesn´t exist in the Greek alphabet as far as I know).
― Anonymous User  4/13/2005
The Greek letter Chi is usually transliterated CH.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2005
This is one of the most sweet and beautiful names I've come across.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2005
You pronounce it ca-ris not kayrees. And believe me I should know because I'm called Charis. But I love knowing the history of my name very intersting, but also the name means love not just kindness.
charis  10/27/2005
While my name and almost every other Charis or Karis I've met is pronounced Care-ris (like Paris), I've also met a girl who pronounces it Chair-ris. Though I agree that I've never met a Sha-REES or Ka-REES before.
a_charis  11/1/2005
Is also used for the masculine gender in which case the Greek script is: ×Üñçò.
cnassis  11/8/2005
Not necessarily a famous bearer, but "Charis" is the name of a character in Margaret Atwood's "The Robber Bride".
Callisto  1/19/2006
Charis is my name. The Greek way! My friend's cousin is Carys, like kah-rees
the Welsh way or as in Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas's daughter!
charis3884  5/6/2006
I love the name Charis, but I prefer it spelled Karis, which, according to another baby name book I read, is the Greek spelling of this name. According to the same book, Karis means pure and beauty. I would definitely consider naming my daughter Karis. Not only is it a beautiful name, I like the fact that it’s not very common or popular, so you know your daughter won’t have the same name as three or four other girls in her class.
TiffanyS  8/22/2006
Dubbed worst headmaster in the history of Hogwarts, Phineas Nigellus' grandaughter by his son Arcturus and his wife Lysandra is named Charis. She also has two sisters Callidora and Cedrella, who is burned off the Black family tree for marrying a Weasley.
Jeana Bradbury  9/16/2006
Originating from the Greek word Charisma.
jan winn  10/5/2006
I have this name, only it is spelled Charys. I am still to come across somebody who spells their name in this way! It is still pronounced "Karis", but it just confuses people more!
charys19  11/19/2006
My name is Charis pronounced Char-is. I have met more people who pronounce it Kar-is which I call the Greek pronunciation. From the little I have found the Char-is pronunciation came from the English or Welsh. Has anyone heard anything about this way of saying Char-is?
Joy30  4/21/2007
This name is used to symbolize the Christian concept of charity. Also a reference to the three Graces of Greek mythology.
sarahj  5/12/2007
I know a girl who pronounces it Karaz. That confused me because I thought it was pronounced ka-RAHZ.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2007
I have a good friend who's a bearer of this name. The full spelling of her name is Charissa. I find this name pretty and I could see a quiet yet fun girl with this name.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2007
In Greek mythology, a Charis is one of several Charites (×Üñéôåò; Greek: "Graces"), goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility.
blondepunk_kazza  10/2/2007
Karis (IPA: /kɑːrɪs/), or Karjaa (/ˈkɑrjɑː/) in Finnish, is a municipality of Finland.

It is located in the province of Southern Finland and is part of the Uusimaa region. The municipality has a population of 8, 977 (2004-12-31) and covers an area of 214.99 km² of which 17.55 km² is water. The population density is 45.47 inhabitants per km².

The municipality is bilingual, with a majority (61%) being Swedish and a minority (38%) Finnish speakers.

The town has a railway station on VR's main Helsinki-Turku line. Karis station is also the junction for the branch line to Hanko.
blondepunk_kazza  10/2/2007
One of the daughters of famous musician Mick Jagger. And the name of Micheal Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jone's daughter.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2007
No, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas' daughter is not called Charis. She is Carys, which is an unrelated Welsh name. (I think the Greek version is Grace.)
Jammie  8/26/2008
I really like this name - when (and only when) pronounced CARR-iss ('CARR' like the thing you drive - rhymes with bar, 'iss' as in miss).
edenrowe  12/30/2007
I love the this name. I plan on naming my daughter this but spelling it Karis. It's different but not too crazy different.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2008
Just a couple more bearers of this beautiful name for anyone interested! For Star Trek fans: Charis is the name of one of the moons of the planet Vulcan. For medieval enthusiasts: Charis is the name of The Lady of The Lake (or at least one of them!)
zadi3985  6/25/2008
This is my middle name - I used to hate it was a was younger, however I now think it is personal and special. My parents found this name in the book "An Ice-cream War" by William Boyd. They thought the name was pronounced:
Ch-ah-ris, like how it is spelt. So this is how I also pronounce my name. Even though this is probably incorrect I believe it is much nicer than KA-riss, if you want that to be your name spell it Karis!
amy charis  7/5/2008
Pronounced "chah-RIS".
Emilie007  9/1/2008
This name is pronounced KAH'ris or KAR'is. In Greek it's pronounced HA'rees. It's one of the coolest names out there and anyone would be fortunate to be given this name. This is also my name and I have to say I never had a bad day.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2008
Charis is of Greek origin and it means "grace" in Greek. It comes from the Greek mythology "The Charites" (the 3 graces). Of all the names in the world this one is one of my top 10 faves. This name can also be spelled with a K like "Kharis". I think it's a better way of spelling it, with a K. Like K as in "Khaki" the nice looking pants, that's also a Greek word: Xaki=Khaki.
― Anonymous User  4/19/2010
I know a girl named Charis (rhymes with ferris.)
Liesl  11/9/2010
Charis Johnson was the founder of a "paid autosurf programme" called LifeClicks which has been called one of the largest modern-day Ponzi schemes. Through the use of her website, she manipulated thousands of people to join and deposit money. In the later stages of the fraudulent scheme, she managed to retain investors' trust by repeatedly bouncing blame and failures on other companies, groups, and individuals, including Brigham Young University students and professors, StormPay, ABC4 News of Salt Lake City, Utah, the owners of and even the government of the United States.

Her website was shut down in 2006, and she is now facing criminal and civil suits from both state and federal agencies.
keepitreal  1/23/2011
Charis is also the name of the second Merriville sister in a Georgette Heyer Regency romance, 'Frederica'. She's a "lovely widgeon", but it's still a beautiful and charming name!
MiYung  3/22/2011
I love the name Charis (My name is Charis)! People will say it wrong or ask you to say it like three times... It means Grace in the Bible God's Grace!
Charis828  6/28/2011
In Greek this is pronounced hah-rees. The CH- sound like an H.

In an English speaking country I'd go with KA-riss, though.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2011
My name is Charis, and there is also a christian rock band named Charis. The meaning is perfect. The way I characterize this name can be put in one word, special. The name comes from the word Charisma, and it should be pronounced that sort of way. It can also be pronounced kah-rees, with the emphasis on rees. Anyway is nice. Very modern for now. I hope it stays that way.
― Anonymous User  9/24/2011
So my friend's name is Charis, and everyone makes fun of her name. We call her Chris, Charisma, Carrots and also Oreo, but that's another story. I prefer the spelling Karis, because it seems so much more common.
hollie2305  9/29/2011
My sister is called Charis, said like Kah-riss. There was another girl in her year with the same spelling of name but she said it like Sha-ree so of course she got it pronounced wrong on many occasions. People also pronounced it like Cha-ris because Ch being said like a K was apparently impossible(!) There was also another girl with a spelling of Caris which, because I'm probably used to Charis, looks weird to me.
― Anonymous User  10/30/2011
I agree with the above user. The CH can be misread when it comes to this name. Surely it's intended to be pronounced Ka-ris. If it were me, I would accept every pronunciation of this name without getting annoyed and just simply correct those who mispronounce it. You can always remove the H if it bothers you that much. Either way, it's a divine name, very nice.
Stewie_Griffin  10/30/2011
My mother found this spelling in a Greek history book "Charis" and that is how I spell my name. However, it is pronounced Sha-REES. I know of another who uses the same pronunciation but a different spelling. In looking up the meaning of the name, I have found that it means charity as it relates in the Bible.
LadyAuthor47  12/24/2011
There may be a lot of ways of pronouncing it, and that's what's funny about it. The right way to pronounce it according to the English transliteration of the Greek letter "Chi" is Kah-ris. The Google translator pronounces it "Chair-is", but that's unrelated, and doesn't come from the Greek word. Google doesn't recognize it because it's not in the English dictionary. My opinion is Kah-ris is the right way, and any other way would sound tacky.
Chitz67  12/28/2011
In Greek the name is Χάρης which would be pronounced with an H, Haris Vlavianos (Χάρης Βλαβιανός) is a Greek poet. I think this wiki has better info on the correct pronunciations
― Anonymous User  2/4/2012
My best friend is called Charis spelt this way, and her's is pronounced Karis. Many people get confused and call her Ch-aris, or Char-ees. Is Carys pronounced K'reez or Karis?
hollie2305  3/23/2012
Sounds elite and unordinary. It's a religious name since it means "Grace" in Greek. It has a very pleasing meaning. I have a cousin named Charis and she says she is glad to have an uncommon name and be happy with it, and who ever makes fun is just jealous or unhappy with their own name.
Cardin  4/8/2012
I read somebody's comment somewhere that said the name Charis sounds ghetto. Personally I don't know about that, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Maybe some people are just immature. There could be a bunch of suppositions. I think it's a nice, fine name... not my favorite, though.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2012
In Greek, the letter Chi, transcribed as "ch", makes an aspirated "h" sound. It's a bit softer than the German "ch" sound, as in Bach.

Just pronounce it with a "k" sound, as you would pronounce "charisma" or "Christmas".
Tiger Lilly  7/2/2013
I think I like the meaning more than the sound of the name. If it were my name I would pronounce it Cha-Ris, and not Ka-Ris. I feel it's not so harsh that way. Virtue names have a charm that are somewhat distinctive from others.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2013
There is a Charis Ministries close to my hometown. It is a Jesuit ministry to those in their 20s & 30s. A ministry of the Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus, that offer retreats, leadership development and formation activities that bring the gifts of Ignatian Spirituality to the lives of young adults. Therefore this name gives a good impression.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2013
The only person I've ever known with this name pronounced it CHAR-is. Since that was my first exposure to the name, that is how I tend to think of it, and I think it sounds very pretty. However, the KAR-is pronunciation is pretty too, and no doubt more correct.
shadow1999  11/10/2013
Since I'm Greek and I'm called Charis (or Χάρις in Greek) I know pretty well that in our language letter X is somehow pronounced like an H. So in Greek it sounds more like the name Harry, or like Harris! :)
joysheep  2/15/2014
In 2006 I had a daughter at STEVENAGE Lister hospital. My partner got this name from the Greek concordance and he chose it for our daughter because she is very beautiful & special. She is my only surviving daughter & we all adore her.
Shernett Obrien  8/25/2016
We are adopting a dog later this month and her call name is Karma. We want to change it to something that sounds a little similar and are thinking of Charis. I like the name Charis for its meaning and because it will be easy to use in changing her name. She is a 3 year old pure bred Cocker Spaniel with reddish-gold feathers, red jacket and the sweetest baby girl smushy lovey face you could ever imagine. I also would not be embarrassed by calling out "Charis!" at the dog park.
Karen A  10/7/2016
The planet Vulcan in Star Trek has no moons at all, called 'Charis' or otherwise. In the immortal words of Spock himself, 'Vulcan has moon.' Spock tells Uhura this in the 1966 episode "The Man Trap" and the quote is repeated exactly in the script of the episode "Yesteryear" (1973).
Feorsteorra  12/16/2017

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