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I think this is a good alternitive to Sharla, as Sharla looks overly girly. I know a Charla who loves her name.
indigopearl  8/1/2006
I've known a Charla Harris-Lyons who hated Charla and if you called her Charla you'd better watch out. It was generally Charlie and she thinks Charla is a name for old ladies and Sharla is way better than Charla and who cares if it's too girly.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007
I've never liked this that much. However, there is a character named Charla in one of my favorite book series. Charla is slowly but surely growing on me.
Joy12  5/17/2011
It reminds me of charlatan to look at, though it's an interesting name.
Just Jonquil  1/26/2013

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