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In Disney's Fantasia, Chernobog/Chernabog is depicted as the king of darkness, ruling Bald Mountain, whose "minions live and die at his whim, feeding the fire with their bones when he's wearied of their devotion."
Labonne  3/9/2007
Czernobog was one of the many mythological characters in Neil Gaiman's novel "American Gods".
Hieronymus_Q  1/15/2008
If you tear the name apart you get Cher No Bog.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2008
What POSSIBLY could be the significance of that? It's obvious that Chernobog = Cher No Bog, and the same time such the phrase has no meaning or significance, in English at least.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2008
This name is awesome.
Aureliano  6/21/2010
It sounds like Chernobyl.
InquisitiveAuthoress  12/2/2016
This name is so cool, so interesting and unique!
crhecht  12/2/2017

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