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It's pronounced kee-A-ra.
Jenna R  2/23/2006
Pronounced kee-AR-ah or kee-Ah-ra.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2008
My name is Chira and it's pronounced Cheera like in chamber. It's Kurdish and it means light just like Chiara. Almost same spelling, different pronunciation, but same meaning.
gimmeaname  3/13/2010
I have an Italian friend named Chiara and she pronounces the "r" as a "t": Kee-A-tah.
mllefantine  9/24/2010
This name is pronounced "kee-ar-ah", the second syllable being pronounced like the word "are".
pocahontas  3/27/2014
My name is Chiara but I prefer "Chi-ara" as the pronunciation. It fits the look and my personality. I don't really care about the "supposed to".
Just once  6/25/2017

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