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Chico State College is in California.
Lakota_so_italian  1/22/2006
Chico is the word for boy in Spanish.
Frozten  12/17/2006
Leonard Marx of the Marx Brothers was given this [nick]name. Alledgedly because he liked to chase women ("chicks"). Chico Marx is possibly the most famous bearer of this name.
Loni_maryrose  5/29/2007
Pronounced SHEE-koo. [noted -ed]
mellon.collie  3/1/2008
Yousseph "Chico" Slimani was a contestant on The X Factor in 2005, and although he didn't win he has had some success with a musical career, especially with his song "Chico Time" (taken from his X Factor catchphrase: "What time is it? It's Chico time!")
Sophannagh  3/21/2009
A clothing store.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2009
Chico is the name of a bull terrier in the movie Next Friday.
Cynder  10/7/2010
Brazilian model Francisco Lachowski is also known as Chico.
lilolaf  2/15/2017

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