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'Chimo' is more often typed as 'Ximo' in Valencian Country, Spain, where this name is used. 'Ximo' is used more frequently as a Valencian name (Valencian is our form of Catalan), is not used by Spanish-speaking people living in the Valencia zone. I have not noticed 'Ximo' to be used out of this setting, never in in other parts of Spain; perhaps in the very southern part of Catalonia. Actually a diminutive of 'Joaquim', it is entirely a Valencian creation.
Qualsevol  8/13/2012
Chimo Bayo is a Spanish dance artist who gained prominence in the early 1990s with "Así Me Gusta A Mí". The song was a major hit in Spain, Greece and South America as well as reaching number one in Japan, Israel and elsewhere.
cutenose  4/24/2016

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