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YUCK! What a mouthful to say Cris-ta-bel-la.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2007
I love this name, it's so cool, and by the way, it's not a mouthful.
ilovespencerc  3/29/2008
This is a beautiful name- although it is long! But you could call her Christie/Christy or Bella for short. It also has a beautiful meaning!
little emi  7/7/2008
Yes, I agree, it is a bit too long. But I absolutely love the meaning and how it rolls off your tongue. I would definitely name my first daughter this - however, I would call her Crissy, or Bella. :)
annekb94  10/25/2008
My sister's name is Christabella, but she hates it. Everyone calls her Christobal (pronounced chris-tow(or toe)-bal(like the first syllable of balance)).
Theodore-Lenin  11/10/2008
Sounds rather pretentious to me.
Bonquiqui  6/14/2012
So pretty! I absolutely adore names that stem from Christian, and names that end in Bella! I would love to name a daughter this, and either call her Chris, Chrissy, Bells or Bella. And I love how it just flows off the tongue!
Sabella Authoress  10/19/2012
Sounds like a Fairy-Ballerina name.
SEC908  11/11/2012
People are seriously getting desperate to use Bella as a nickname...
― Anonymous User  4/26/2013
This is very over the top. Crystal/Chrissy is better as it's a lot easier to say and spell, even though I don't particularly like the sound of the name Christabella, I love the beautiful, timeless, classic: Isabella.
― Anonymous User  10/21/2016
Sounds made up and very tacky.
Luvbug86  8/18/2017

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