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Christel is a name that is beautiful yet subtle, elegantly simple but still enchanting. Children and teachers will constantly call your daughter "Crystal" and frat boys will think they are original when they reference the $300 champagne. Just assure your daughter her name is as special as she is, but she may not appreciate it until she's grown into it.
stellbelle  6/7/2006
Actress Markéta Hrubešová & photographer David Kraus have a daughter Christel (2005).
Maggie_Simpson  12/29/2006
Personally, I prefer it spelt (and pronounced) "Christelle".
Tango  2/17/2007
The German pronunciation is KRIS-tel. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/6/2009
This name is also commonly used in The Netherlands.
Lucille  6/9/2010
This is the real first name of Chisu (a Finnish popstar). Her full name is Christel Martina Sundberg.
AnastasiaE  9/10/2012
Christel Alsos is a Norwegian singer.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2017
In Norway, it's pronounced KREE-stel.
mairinn  10/12/2017
I like this name. It's subtle and feminine, but also strong. Though I prefer the form Christelle, or Chrystelle.
mairinn  10/12/2017

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