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Christi is an awesome name. This is the best spelling. Christi is better than overused Christy.
Missy125  9/29/2011
My older stepsister's name is Christiana, and she goes by Christi always (her parents are the only people allowed to call her Christiana, and they only do when she's in trouble, lol). Anyway, she has always been sporty and a bit tomboyish, so she never spelled Christi with an 'e' at the end, like a lot of Christians/Christinas do. But people often misspelled her name as Christie, or even Kristi/Kristie, while growing up, and that used to frustrate her. And she could never find any pens/magnets/etc. with her name on them, but several would say "Christie." Poor thing, lol. Anyway, I'm actually surprised her spelling isn't the most common one, because I actually think Christi looks the prettiest (Christie looks too girlish and young, Christi carries over to adulthood).
erb816  2/16/2010
I like this name, it is the name of my 5th grade teacher. I think it's kinda spunky, but still very sophistocated and fancy. I prefer Christina though.
mary26  7/19/2008

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