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Correct Gaelic spelling: Ciarán. The 'fada' above the second a makes the vowel long thus resulting in an 'aw' sound. Hence correct pronunciation of the name becomes keer-on.
-- ogormanc  10/17/2005
Ciarán Hinds is an Irish-born actor.
-- Melusine  5/2/2006
Ciaran is pronounced KEE-rin or can be pronounced KEER-awn.
-- Anonymous User  7/29/2006
A staff member of the site is named Ciaran. He's awesome.
-- LoveTheNameMackenzie  8/12/2006
Pronounced KEE-a-ro-n.
-- Mine  8/29/2006
Ciaran Bourke, one of the original members of the Irish folk band The Dubliners, bore this name.
-- Druid  10/15/2006
I have named my baby Ciaran, I just loved this spelling, that is one of the reasons I choose this name. I think it is such a strong sounding name.
-- Anonymous User  11/10/2006
It's pronounced "KEE-a-rawn".
-- gaelruadh19  1/28/2007
My younger brother was almost named Ciaran. My parents ended up changing it to Braden, though, because the nurses kept calling him Karen, and they worried kids would call him "Ciar the Queer".
-- Petroushka  3/4/2007
Pronounced Keer-awn.
-- Clodagh  4/9/2007
I like this name but I'd like it better if it had a shorter 'a' sound, like Ciara with an 'n' at the end.
-- Anonymous User  5/30/2007
Ciarán Brennan is a famous bearer of the name. He's one the members of the Irish band Clannad.
-- Anonymous User  9/12/2007
Now a chav name.
-- Anonymous User  11/3/2007
Ciaran MacEwan bears the name as the antagonist in Cate Tiernan's Sweep(US)/Wicca(UK) book series.
-- MessOfADreamer  1/16/2009
This is such an interesting and Strong Masculine name, unusual, I love it!
-- Anonymous User  7/8/2010
While the proper pronunciation of this name is nice, Ciaran might be a difficult name to use in the US, as most people will want to pronounce it "Cee-AH-run" or "Cee-AIR-un".
-- IYV  7/8/2010
Ciarán McMenamin (b. 1975) is an Irish actor. Recently known for his portrayal of Matt Anderson, lead character on the British sci-fi drama "Primeval".
-- Fray  7/22/2013
-- LMS  5/15/2016
The name Ciaran was given to 73 boys born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/20/2016
Given Name CIARAN

GENDER: Masculine

USAGE: English

CONTRIBUTOR: cutenose on 6/29/2016

LAST EDITOR: cutenose on 6/29/2016 [revision history]

Meaning & History

Anglicized form of Ciarán.
-- LMS  1/13/2017

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