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Cinzia was the 4th most popular name in Rome in 1961 (behind Patrizia, Paola and Antonella). Today it sounds a little "average middle-class middle-aged woman" and it is not popular at all.
-- presentperfect  12/19/2008
The pronunciation is CHEEN-tsyah.
-- presentperfect  12/19/2008
Cinzia is the Italian form of Latin Cynthia, known to mean "Woman from Kynthos" and/or "From Mount Kynthos".
-- Francesca  11/30/2010
Cinzia Fiordeponti, best known as Cinzia De Ponti, is an Italian actress, model and television personality. De Ponti was born in Pescara. In 1979, while a law student at Teramo University, she won the Miss Italia beauty contest. She later won the 1982 Miss Universo Italia contest and entered the Miss Universe 1982 competition, ranking third.
-- cutenose  1/29/2017

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