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Ciprian is a very common name in Romania. Behind this name lays the story of two Christian saints Ciprian and Iustina. First Ciprian was an endless life wizard who persecuted the Christians for their faithfulness. Until he met Iustina, the only one who resisted all his witchcrafts. So he renounced to his eternal life for her. They died decapitated. In the Christian calendar 2 October is the celebration of Ciprian and Iustina.
ciprian  1/20/2005
Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love = Kypris = Cyprian.
hellion2be  10/3/2005
The term "Ciprian scale" refers to one of several musical scales used in Romani ("Gypsy") music.
Sharley  5/17/2010
Pronounced chip-pree-AHN in Romania.
Sharley  9/3/2015

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