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I think Circe is a beautiful name and the character of Circe in The Odyssey has always intrigued me. I would definitely call my daughter Circe, though my wife might have other ideas.
ianpauljones  10/15/2015
Circe is a short story by Julio Cortázar. The scene that I remember the most is when Mario, the boyfriend of Delia- the lead character- found a cockroach in a candy that she made and gave to him.
I like the name by the way... it sounds mysterious, strong and feminine to me.
Bobi  12/30/2014
Honestly... I think this name is all kinds of awesome. It sounds really cool (at least, I like SUR-see, though I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea), looks really cool, belonged to a powerful character in Greek Mythology, and was used in the Toni Morrison novel "Song of Solomon."

Parents would definitely need to be thick-skinned to name their daughter Circe. I don't think it's quite as stigmatized as, say, Jezebel, but it would still be a challenge.
erb816  5/13/2013
Circe can has a few possible meanings, as it derives from κίρκος it can mean, both hawk/falcon or circle/ring.
asterope  11/8/2010
Love the name, hate the namesake.
Rain_In_Night  11/21/2009
Circe was a minor god in the Greek myths who turned men who came to her island into pigs and other creatures befitting their nature (but they were mostly turned into pigs).
Akito  5/24/2008
I'm usually loath to reference bearers of different spellings, but the cruel and insane queen of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, written by George R. R. Martin, bears the name Cersei. Just in case anyone needed more encouragement NOT to name their child this. :P
kementari  5/5/2008
A different spelling (but identical pronunciation) is used in the series T*Witches; this time, it's spelt SERSEE.
patchworkgirl  8/30/2007
This name was used in a series by Libba Bray including the novel 'A Great and Terrible Beauty'. Circe was a name the villan had given herself.
scarletquillraven  4/16/2007

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