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It can also be a feminine version of Citro, an Italian name from Sicilian citru ‘cedar’ (Italian cedro).

It can also be related to Latin citrus ‘lemon tree’, referring to the fruit, tree, or color.
earthnut  3/13/2008
The Indonesian pronunciation is "CHIT-rah". [noted -ed]

"Citra" was also the name of an Indonesian entertainment magazine.
Ahwel  10/20/2008
Wow, this is such a lovely, vivid name: it really sticks into your head. Certainly unique.
Wilted  3/15/2009
Chitra in Sanskrit means picture/drawing. [noted -ed]
lakshman  12/9/2011
I personally like the pronunciation 'SIT-ruh' better.
Kp_quarternote  7/19/2017

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