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Namesakes for Clare
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actress
      Clare Calbraith   1974-  
Saints: 3 blessed, 2 saints
      Saint Clare of Assisi   1194-1253  
      Saint Chiara of Montefalco (a.k.a. Clare)   1268-1308  
      Blessed Chiara of Rimini (a.k.a. Clare)   1282-1346  
      Blessed Chiara Gambacorta of Pisa (a.k.a. Clare)   1362-1419  
      Blessed Chiara Bosatta of Pianello (a.k.a. Clare)   1858-1887  
Title Characters: 2 books
      (book) Clare     Clare, Dolee, Catlin & Lasha  
      (book) Maddy Clare   2012   The Haunting of Maddy Clare