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It’s a shame because it’s very pretty but stereotypically it’s usually associated with cows.
Curious me  9/18/2018
Any name with bell(a) at the end is a no for me.
Luvbug86  8/28/2018
I can only think of cows, because of Mickey Mouse. Besides, it sounds very country.
kayisforkeen  8/19/2018
This name is actually quite pretty. It reminds me of wind chimes or cathedral bells.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2016
This is a cute name. I think this name would grow up with a child well.
autumn23  4/13/2013
Reminds me of Claribel the clown from Howdy Doody.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2013
Reminds me of the word "clarity" - three syllables, emphasis on the first. Hmm, I wouldn't have thought to pair Clara with Belle; they seem so different to me and slightly incompatible, Clara/Claire being dignified and Belle being youthful and bouncy. The end result is interesting and I'm not sure if I like it or not. Claribel. It certainly looks good written.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2009
Sounds like the bearer must be a cow. Moo.
bananarama  8/3/2009
I personally like this name very much. You don't hear it too often. It's unique. There is also Claribella, but this name is very pretty.
blueeyesparkle  6/15/2009
"Claribel Cow" was one of Walt Disney's characters.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2006
Actually, the Disney character is named Clarabelle Cow.
Feorsteorra  12/23/2016
Apparently it means "bright and beautiful" from Clare "clear, bright, famous" and Belle "beautiful". Very nice.
SeaHorse15  4/24/2006
The use of a variant of this name (Clarabell) for the name of a clown on the old children's show "Howdy Doody" probably killed off this name, at least temporarily.
Kosta  2/21/2006
Shakespeare did NOT use the name Claribel in the Tempest, nor in any of his other plays.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2005
Actually, it is mentioned briefly in 'The Tempest.' However no character in the play bears this name.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2010
Oh dear anon, this glorious name was in fact used in the Tempest, by Shakespeare. From Wikipedia.

"The play opens as Prospero, having divined that his brother, Antonio, is on a ship passing close by the island (having returned from the nuptials of Alonso's daughter Claribel with the King of Tunis)"

Otherwise, I love this name. It reminds me of simpler times and a nice cup of tea in spring. Which is a very nice compliment in my opinion :) Also, I had a great Aunt bearing the name Clara. It's a classy name that doesn't ever go out of style, to me.
ASLBankes  2/2/2008
Claribel is the daughter of Gonzalo in the Tempest. She is mentioned only briefly.
― Anonymous User  7/17/2005

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