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I had a teacher in high school with this name. She had been named for both her grandmothers - "Clare" and "Linda". She usually went by Clare.
elizabeth hamlet  4/6/2014
FYI Clarinda is an old name that was somewhat popular in the 1800's in the United States. It's a nice alternative to the over used names like Melinda, Clarissa, etc. That said, I think it's a nice name that certainly deserves some recognition.
GibsonGirl  4/1/2013
She was a love of Scottish poet Robert Burns whom he met and corresponded with in Edinburgh. A classic name.
saladfingers  3/19/2009
I don't understand the hate for this name--it's beautiful. Here, that somewhat "harsh" suffix -inda actually works. A name like Clarissa gets a lot of love though, while I think that (other than Elissa) most names ending in -issa are prissy and obnoxious. I find Clarinda much better.
erb816  2/25/2009
What an unfortunate bastardization of Clara. I dislike all names ending in -inda, be it Melinda, Loucinda, or whatever. They're ugly somehow.
slight night shiver  5/18/2008
"Heeeeloo, my name is Clareeenda. And I am fah better than you!"
I apologize, this is just my impression of Clarinda. It sounds kind of snobby, you have to admit.
joli_dans_titre1  1/16/2008

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