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Namesakes for Clemens
Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 14 popes, 3 antipopes
      Clement I (a.k.a. Clemens)   92-99  
      Clement II (a.k.a. Clemens)   1046-1047  
      Clement III (a.k.a. Clemens)   1080; 1084-1100  
      Clement III (a.k.a. Clemens)   1187-1191  
      Clement IV (a.k.a. Clemens)   1265-1268  
      Clement V (a.k.a. Clemens)   1305-1314  
      Clement VI (a.k.a. Clemens)   1342-1352  
      Clement (a.k.a. Clemens)   1378-1394  
      Clement (a.k.a. Clemens)   1423-1429  
      Clement VII (a.k.a. Clemens)   1523-1534  
      Clement VIII (a.k.a. Clemens)   1592-1605  
      Clement IX (a.k.a. Clemens)   1667-1669  
      Clement X (a.k.a. Clemens)   1670-1676  
      Clement XI (a.k.a. Clemens)   1700-1721  
      Clement XII (a.k.a. Clemens)   1730-1740  
      Clement XIII (a.k.a. Clemens)   1758-1769  
      Clement XIV (a.k.a. Clemens)   1769-1774  
Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze
      (bronze) Clemens Arnold   2004   field hockey  
Saints: 2 saints
      Saint Clement I (a.k.a. Clemens)   ?-99  
      Saint Clemens Maria Hofbauer   1751-1820