Names Related to Clementina

Names that are related to CLEMENTINA:
CLEM   m   English
CLÉMENCE   f   French
CLEMENCE   f   English
CLEMENCY   f   English (Rare)
CLEMENS   m   German, Late Roman
CLÉMENT   m   French
CLEMENT   m   English
CLEMENTE   m   Italian, Spanish
CLEMENTIA   f   Late Roman
CLEMENTINA   f   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
CLEMENTINE   f   French
CLEMENTIUS   m   Late Roman
KELEMEN   m   Hungarian
KLEMEN   m   Slovene
KLEMENS   m   German, Danish, Swedish, Polish
KLEMENT   m   Czech, Slovak
KLEMENTINA   f   Slovene, Croatian
KLEMENTYNA   f   Polish
KLIM   m   Russian, Ukrainian
KLIMENT   m   Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian
KLIMENTINA   f   Macedonian