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Pronounced "kleh-men-teen".
-- MaggieSimpson  4/30/2008
If pronounced the French way (as it is listed as French here) it is kleh-maw(n)-TEEN. Otherwise, I have also heard it kleh-men-TYNE. [noted -ed]
-- ponine  8/23/2008
In Britain it's pronounced klem-en-teen, as with the French.
-- Elea  8/6/2009
I'm surprised that the alternate English pronunciation "Clem-en-tine" (rhymes with "turpentine") hasn't been noted. This is how it's pronounced in the song.
-- Kosta  5/7/2015
For English speakers (Yorkshire), we say Cle-men-tyne. I don't know anyone who pronounces the fruit the French way, Cle-mawn-teen, or whatever. Maybe toffs pronounce it like this, like they say I have a meegraine headache instead of a mygrain (migraine) but to me that just sounds pretentious. If you are French, have French ancestors or a genuine reason for using the French pronunciation of the name, then fine. But otherwise, unless you are in France, I would stick with the name as spoken in English speaking countries. Listen to the folk song, if you are unsure of this pronunciation.
-- queen_vic  12/13/2015

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