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I have liked the name Klotild since I was a teenager. I like it spelled as Clotilde. I also like Cornelia and Constance a lot.
Clotilde is a very sweet, beautiful, and elegant name.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2010
I like the French spelling Clotilde better than the German spelling (Clothilde).
Nom de Plume  9/20/2011
Saint Clotilde (died 545 AD) was the wife of Clovis I, King of the Franks. Quite a bit is known about her life, thanks to the chronicle of Gregory of Tours. There is a lovely church in Paris named after her (built in the 19th century).
Nom de Plume  9/20/2011
This is also the Italian spelling of Clothilde.
Buneary  11/8/2012
The name CLOTILDE is also the Portuguese feminine form of Chlotichilda. Please add it. [noted -ed]
jnev  1/29/2014

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