Names Related to Coilean

Names that are related to COILEAN:
CAILEAN   m   Scottish
CALLUM   m   Scottish
CALUM   m   Scottish
COILEAN   m   Irish
COLEMAN   m   English, Irish
COLIN (1)   m   Scottish, Irish, English
COLM   m   Irish
COLMÁN   m   Irish
COLOMBA   f   Italian
COLOMBANO   m   Italian
COLOMBE   f   French
COLOMBINA   f   Italian
COLOMBO   m   Italian
COLUM   m   Irish
COLUMBA   m & f   Late Roman
COLUMBAN   m   Irish
COLUMBANUS   m   Late Roman
COLUMBINE   f   English (Rare)
KOLMAN   m   German (Rare)
KOLOMAN   m   German, Czech, Slovak
MÁEL COLUIM   m   Scottish
MALCOLM   m   Scottish, English
MALCOM   m   English
MALINA (1)   f   Scottish