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Corbin is a variation of the Hebrew Korban, which means a gift to or devoted to God.
mandygirl  7/25/2005
I hope it isn't from the Hebrew Korban - that would make an awful name, it means sacrifice to God or victim.
Noa  12/29/2006
Corbin Dallas, played by Bruce Willis, is the leading male character in the movie "The Fifth Element."
breakofday  12/30/2005
Bruce Willis' character's name in The Fifth Element was actually spelled Korben rather than Corbin.
Ciarda  1/6/2006
Somebody semi-famous is Corbin Bleu star of High School Musical, Catch That Kid, Flight 29 Down, and many more to come.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2006
Actor Corbin Bernsen was nominated for 2 Golden Globes for his role on LA Law. More recently, he has had recurring roles on JAG and Psych.
GasolineAllie  5/2/2007
The name Corbin is a great name. I would one day use it myself, except I know a Corbin who I just short of hate, so I would never use it. It is for someone else a wonderful name! It is uncommon and nice to hear now and again. It is a good choice!
― Anonymous User  6/27/2008
Actually, "Corban" is mentioned in the Bible (Mark 7:11) as being a "gift to God", in reference to money, not a blood sacrifice, although I suppose that is a possibility as well. In any case, if you are a Christian, the name could have a wonderful meaning.
Modern-Day Jane  3/4/2009
Corbin Bleu, Disney channel star of High School Musical and Jump In, is obviously a famous bearer of this name.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2009
Sounds like a combo of Corey and Kevin. I would like it just for the sound, except it reminds me too much of Hollywood; and I always think of the name as character out of a Sci-Fi flick. That gives it an element of the ridiculous.
JW41926  4/12/2010
Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken is from CORBIN, Kentucky. Pronounced cor-bin, exactly as it looks.
GibsonGirl  11/8/2011
Rather than be derived from a French surname, this name could also be derived from Corbinien, which is the French form of Corbinianus (see Korbinian in the database). Given that there is a saint with this name, it is not impossible that there were people named after the saint in France, and quickly had the cumbersome name shortened to Corbin.
Lucille  5/15/2012
As soon as I heard this name I was hooked. I actually heard it for the first time on a movie called The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis. When I first named my son this I had never heard it before besides the movie, but I find a lot of people are now using this name which sorta sucks :(. I prefer it spelt with a C rather than a K. It sounds like a strong name for a little boy in Latin and in America the name Corbin means Raven and in English and French it means Raven-haired. I find the meaning odd but, hey what can ya do.
MizzMatt  2/6/2015
I know someone whose name is Korban and he's really annoying. Other than that, it's a nice sounding name.
IsolationHedge  3/31/2015
You have a lot of pronunciations on your site for the long O sound keyed as "AW." I just do not understand how this is correct. "AW" makes the SHORT O sound. It always has. Corbin is not CAWR-bin. It is COR-bin. You have the same error on Dorian and other names. I do not understand. Someone please help me.

[on this site AW represents the IPA symbol ɔ -ed]
aerynna  4/9/2015
In response to editor's response to my confusion regarding the pronunciation: [on this site AW represents the IPA symbol ɔ -ed]

Yes, I understand that. However, IPA symbol ɔ is much closer to a "short o" than a "long o" as we understand those sounds in "General American." Most sites attempting to translate IPA /ɔ/ to General American do so by describing the sound produced by ɔ as that in "fox" or "caught." Indeed, this site states in its key that "AW" = the sound in bought or sawn. Nor is this a cot/caught merger issue, as that is a distinction between /ɔ/ and /ɑ/. But here, the correct vowel for Corbin is neither /ɔ/ nor /ɑ/, but /o/. Boat, cone. Not bought, sawn.

[the first syllable of Corbin is identical to the English word "core", is it not? -ed]
aerynna  8/31/2015
YES. It is. What I'm saying is that "core" is a completely different sound from "kawr." "KAWR" is more like car. So what I'm saying is, shouldn't the pronunciation guide say KOR-bin, not KAWR-bin?

[if I look up the pronunciation of "core" I find /kɔɹ/ -ed]
aerynna  6/1/2016
I like this name, it reminds me of Ravens which I think is cool and it's quite unique as well.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2016
This is the surname of British parliament leader Jeremy Corbyn.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2016
If you don't mind your kid being a complete social reject you can name him this.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2016
Corbin is an amazing name and even when I marry I will hyphenate it.
K.Corbin  11/27/2016
My name is Corbin and I like it.
corbin2993  1/10/2017
I named my daughter Corbyn in May 2001. We love it and she's always complimented on her original name.
Christiet73  4/30/2017
I love this name. I'm expecting baby 3 in January and we are going with Korbin Clint. Clinton was my grandfather's name. Both names sound great together.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2017

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