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Corinna is the Italian form of this name. [noted -ed] Its pronunciation here is kaw-REEN-na or also ko-REEN-na (aw and o are differently pronounced).
Felie  11/19/2017
Corinna is a lovely name - which I pronounce kah-RIN-uh. The double-N makes me read it as a short-I sound in English. Corina would make sense pronounced as kah-REE-nuh, due to the singular consonant after the I. But not Corinna.
erb816  2/8/2017
My name is CORRINA. People who don't know me always pronounce it as COREANA but it is in fact pronounced as it is spelt not COR-IN-UH but COR-RIN-A there are 2 Rs and even then people still think its pronounced with 2 Ns. It isn't often that you hear or meet someone with that name and pronounced that way. I have only ever met and known of another girl with the same name but spelt as KORINNA but pronounced as KOR-IN-NA. It's a hard name to find a meaning for because there as so many pronunciations that come with it.
princorrin  7/23/2015
Greek has a different alphabet. So, I think it's irrelevant to say it should be pronounced "Coreena" like in Greek, when the spelling is unambiguously pointing towards the pronunciation "Co-RINN-a". Those are the rules of English - a short vowel before a double consonant. Surely it could have been better transliterated from the Greek alphabet if it's supposed to be with a long 'e'. Besides, I doubt that even "Coreena" sounds exactly like the Greek pronunciation. Foreign names get adapted - it can't be helped.
aquamarina  8/8/2008
It irritates me that English-speakers (though I am an English speaker myself) argue that this name should be pronounced Co-RIN-ah solely because it has two N's. The name and the spelling are Greek, as a name it has comparatively recently been adopted into English use, therefore it should be pronounced the Greek way. That is Co-REEN-ah.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2007
Listen to the German pronunciation of Corinna here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
My name is Corinna. My mother named me after my great-great-grandmother, Corinna. When she was alive, she pronounced it Co-rin-uh. I pronounce it that way, too. Just because you may know someone who pronounces it differently doesn't mean I'm pronouncing it incorrectly. Because of ignorant morons who don't know how to pronounce my name any other way but what Hollywood has, I have to go by a nickname. It's a shame when someone can't use their own beautiful name without being disrespected.
cpip  8/28/2006
Whether the original Greek form (Korinna) or the form used in other parts of the world (Corinna), this name is pronounced Co-REE-na. English tongues may pronounce it co-RINN-a or co-RIE-na (shudder) but that doesn't change the original (and most lovely) pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  2/9/2006
It's pronounced Core-in-uh. Never, never is it pronounced Core-een-uh. That would be spelled differently.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2006

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