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My name is Corinne and it is pronounced Cor-IN. If it was Cor-reen it would have two Rs and only one N.
luckylady  2/2/2006
This name is pronounced co-RIN, not co-REEN. If it were pronounce co-REEN, it would be spelled Coreen!
― Anonymous User  6/20/2006
Corinne is the French form of Corinna which is the Latin form of Korinna (Greek). In French, it is pronounced co-REEN. English speakers may pronounce it co-RIN which explains why there are two common pronunciations of the name. Either is correct. Actually, I prefer the English pronunciation to the French one.

Famous bearer: English singer, Corinne Bailey-Rae.
― Anonymous User  7/4/2006
My cousin’s name is Corinne, and her mother’s family, who are English, pronounces this name Coreen, while her father’s family, who are French, pronounce this name Corin. I come from a small French community in Northern Ontario, and they pronounce this name Corin as well. I think both pronunciations are correct, although I personally prefer the pronunciation Corin over Coreen. Keep in mind though that the name Christine/Kristine is pronounced Chris teen, even though it’s spelled with “ine” at the end. If you want your name to be pronounced Corin, instead of Coreen, don’t put the “e” at the end of your name.
TiffanyS  8/4/2006
My old friend's name was Corinne, and she pronounced it cor-IN. I like that way a lot better -- in fact, with that pronunciation, it's one of my favorite girls' names!
CamilleTheGreat  8/11/2006
When this name has two n's at the end, whether there is an e or not, it should be pronounced co-RIN not co-REEN. Keep in mind that Christine/Kristine has only one n.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2006
The only people I have known with the name Corinne have pronounced it ko-REEN, one girl I met her name was Corin and pronounced it 'cor IN' I guess each to his own.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2006
I've heard Corinne pronounced both CO-RIN and CO-REEN, and I've heard Corrine pronounced both ways, also. But I personally think Corinne should be pronounced the CO-RIN way because of the two n's. Corrine should be pronounced CO-REEN because of the two r's.

Examples: Corinne Bailey Rae pronounces it CO-RIN. But on Television show Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, there is a character names Corrine, played by Shadia Simmons, who also pronounces it CO-RIN. So it's a bit confusing.
Mitzi  1/29/2007
Pronounced co RIN.
Corazon  1/4/2009
I was the only Corinne I knew in England where I grew up, although of course I met several in France. My parents had always pronounced it KOR-in. In the U.S. where I've lived for six years, people have difficulty hearing the difference in emphasis, even after I've said it a few times. However, when they "get" it, they are really pleased to say it my way.
CorinneRuth  3/27/2009
I know a girl who pronounces this cor-ine, the ine sounding like wine, which butchers the name. But otherwise, I find it very pretty.
Rm4187  5/3/2010
There is a little girl in my son's kindergarten class named Corinne, pronounced ka-RIN-ee. I had never heard this name pronounced this way before, and I am not fond of this pronunciation. It just sounds weird. Corinne is a pretty name, but only when pronounced ka-RIN.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2010
Cor-EEN is an alternate pronunciation. The pronunciation for this name is very subjective, depending on which language you speak. Phonetics vary considerably and sometimes, because of these differences, the spelling also becomes subjective.
GibsonGirl  8/27/2011
My name is Corinne (pronounced kor-een or ka-reen). I'm named after my aunt & grandmother who both have the same name (spelling and pronunciation).

I'm not sure why people use the alternate pronunciation of kor-in, and I, as well, cringe when others mispronounce my name, but I think this spelling is absolutely beautiful and I love my name, even with all the weird ways people manage to speak it aloud (seriously, I've been called Caroline.... seriously.)!
Corinne88  3/18/2013
I think that Corinne should be pronounced Coreen. If it was pronounced Corin it should be spelt that way or Corrin. Just like previously stated Corinna is pronounced how Corinne should be pronounced but without the a.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2014
My mother's name was Corrine, as was her cousin's. They both spelled it that way. They were both born in the US in the early 1900s to French-Canadian parents who'd emigrated from Quebec. They both pronounced it Co-REEN.

My niece named her daughter after my mother, spelling it the same way my mother did with double R and one N, but she chose to pronounce it Cor-IN.

As my mother told me many years ago, Corrine and Corinne are names that are destined to be both misspelled and mispronounced.
MrsBeasley  1/31/2015
Im a Corinne and I say cor- eeen or cor-reen. Even though cor-reen is French, my French teacher says cor-rin. They both are very pretty names but cor-Reen suits me better.
Corinnethequeen  4/6/2015
My name is Corrinne. The double set of doubles makes the sound "coreen"! I hate being called "Cor-rin". Drives me nuts.
ProudtobeCorrinne  2/3/2016
The French pronunciation of the name is not ko-REEN. It is either ko-RI:N or kə-RI:N (in Quebec). The "I" is long, but still not the same as "EE" in English.
Fleurdelys  12/29/2016
Hi, I spell my name "Corinne" and I pronounce it Cor-reen (like Doreen). I would never criticise someone's spelling or pronunciation of it, as it would be rude and I like to think that it is a unique name, in both its spelling and pronunciation. We're all great, regardless of the slight variations. I LOVE my name.
corinne1967  6/10/2017
My name is Corrine, pronounce COREEN. Living in NC almost NO ONE pronounces it correctly. I always get Corinne, which drives me nuts, but I don't mind correcting people. People look at me like I'm crazy. I've even had someone tell me my pronunciation is wrong (like wth?). My father is Puerto Rican so it's meant to also have a rolled-R. I've been going by Cori for as long as I can remember, but I do love my name. I hope maybe one of my offspring name their child after me without using a nickname since it's so unique. :)
corimgonz  10/18/2017
My name is pronounced Coreen (the o is pronounced with soft o). I didn't like my name as a kid but like it very much since then and I also cringe when people pronounce my name as Corin. I have a few nicknames like Reene, Reenie, Creen, Creenie, and Reeniebear.
Reeniebear  1/6/2018

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