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Corrie ten Boom was a Christian German woman who outlived the Second World War. She and her family hid Jews in their home so that they could escape torture inflicted on their religion by the Nazis.
wh0sbad  8/2/2019
Because I like Cordelie and Corinne, I love this name for a girl. Kore is my favorite though.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2017
This isn't a females name...
It's just a males name with a feminine\prissy spelling. Same goes with Kori\Korie. Etc

― Anonymous User  10/12/2014
A Corrie, or Corrie loch, is another word for a mountain pool or lake, also known as a tarn.
New_Chloe  1/31/2014
Corrie Ten Boom, (the Christian Holocaust Survivor) and her family not only hid Jews in their own home, but ran an entire underground ring in Haarlem for hiding or smuggling Jews to safety.
JW41926  3/26/2011
My name, Corrianne, is a combination of my two grandmothers' names, one being Corrie and the other, Anne.

Corrie is a fairly common Dutch name. This is the first I've heard where it is being attributed to English sources. It is possible that it originates with the Norse Kori, but English? I think not. The very use of the 'ie' on the end of the name is Dutch, indicating a diminutive, as with Corrie Ten Boom's name - Corrie being the diminutive of Cornelia.
tintalasia  6/13/2010
Corrie is a Scottish surname, from the names of places in Arran and Dumfries. It is sometimes used as a first name in its own right.
Elly747  6/14/2008
One of the characters in John Marsden's "Tomorrow When the War Began".
― Anonymous User  10/29/2007
Corrie Ten Boom was a famous Christian woman who was a part of a family who opened their home to the Jews in the Netherlands during world war II. She was the author of "The Hiding Place", a book telling the story of her survival and faith while being imprisoned in a German concentration camp.
Cyneburga  9/10/2007
Corrie Ten Boom's real name was Cornelia.
RooRoo  9/9/2008
Corrie is also the name of an important character in the brilliant book "Still Life with Crows" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.
dramaelf  3/29/2006
A famous "bearer" of the name is the British television soap Coronation Street, which is usually abbreviated to "Corrie".
wiswina  5/27/2005
In one book I read that the meaning of this name is from the hollow. I think it was Latin.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2005
Brilliant name, a bit like the name Kori.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2005

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