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I love this name, it is one of my favorites. I don't have the exact heritage for it, but it just sounds so beautiful to me. And this name reminds me of a silky, midnight blue or dark violet color. Which is a good thing, because those are my favorite colors.
XironDarkstar  3/5/2018
My great grandma's name was Crescentia. They immigrated from Passau in Bavaria in the 1890's. Sweetest lady I've known. My daughter's middle name is Crescentia and I'll call her Cressy every once in awhile.
arkangerman  1/5/2018
This name is so pretty I'm a little blown away by it. It sounds like the name of a moon or night goddess, or a sorceress. Beautiful.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/11/2016
My name is Crescentia, and I think it's very pretty.
But I find that it's hard to find nicknames for it.
It's a very pretty name!
lilfox737  1/3/2013
I bear this name (in fact I am that politician above) and I live in Germany. The name is more prevalent in southern Germany, especially Bavaria, than in the north where it is extremely rare. Though I am named with the German version Kreszentia I personally like the English / Latin version Crescentia better, maybe due to having learned Latin at school. It sure is an interesting, unusual and beautiful name.
Kreszentia  8/24/2012
I'm just stunned out how beautiful this name is. It makes me think of a crescent moon, or the stars, or of a comet. It's very astronomical sounding.
Black_X  10/31/2011
English pronunciation: cre-SEN-shah, cre-SEN-shyah.
erb816  4/8/2010
Though it might be "old-fashioned" in German, I think Crescentia is a beautiful name in English!
erb816  4/8/2010
Pronounced cress-TSEN-tsee-ah in German. Short froms are Kreszenz and Zenzi. There are two Catholic saints by that name, martyr Saint Crescentia (died about 304 AD) and Saint Maria Crescentia Höss (1682-1744). An alternative spelling is Kreszentia, for example German politician Kreszentia Flauger (born 1966). It used to be quite popular in Catholic areas due to the saints, but it is rarely given to babies these days. Personally, I think it's a bit too much and prefer the shorter from Kreszenz.
Hunaja  6/5/2008
Very pretty name!
CharlieRob  9/20/2007
Considered extremely old fashioned in Germany, almost never given to babies today. Nickname: Zenzi.
JHK  9/2/2006
Cool name!
FairyGirl  7/17/2006

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