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I don't like this name. It reminds me of a spoiled brat. That's because all the Cristals I know ARE spoiled brats.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2006
Cristal Connors is the name of Gina Gershon's character in the movie "Showgirls".
audreyhubley  8/29/2006
There's a champagne called Cristal so this name reminds me of it.
Jasmine  3/4/2007
The "i" makes it look so ugly.
number1212  2/4/2009
Naming a girl after champagne (I think this is more likely that a variant of Crystal) is a little tacky.
ListenToAsuka  5/5/2010
This was my Great-Grandmother's name, it is also my middle name, after her. Her mother wanted to call her Chrystal but when her father went down to the town to register the birth he did not know how to spell the name so she ended up with Cristal on her birth certificate. I was actually a little surprised to find the name on here as I have never come across any one else with that spelling.
DeTamble  7/6/2010
I never love alcoholic names before but at least this name has a history and is not common.
555jazzy  7/20/2012

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