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D'Artagnan is the surname of Charles de Batz-Castelmore. It was his mother's name and he took it when he went to Paris to become a musketeer.
Marie-Amelie  5/16/2008
D'Artagnan was a accomplished soldier who attained the post of Captaine Lieutenant of the Musketeers. The highest rank under the king himself, who commanded the Musketeers.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2010
I find this name to be trashy and pretentious at the same time; trashy because the apostrophe makes it look like a ghetto name, and pretentious because it is a surname.
bananarama  3/18/2009
It has nice connections to literature, but it doesn't look like anything you should name your kid.
number1212  5/30/2009
I used to work with a guy named D'Artagnan - I found it a very cool name. But, every time I went to write I brief note, I found myself wanting to write "Dart", as the name was so long. (I never did, and wouldn't - but it was what I found myself naturally wanting to do!)
Nyx  6/16/2009
I actually know someone with this as their middle name. I would NEVER use this as a first name, but I think a middle name would be okay. The guy who has it is very proud of his middle name. It's just hard to pronounce and very long to write. But a good strong name I think.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2010
I thought this was a surname... I guess I was wrong...
― Anonymous User  12/23/2010
You know, I first read The Three Musketeers in the sixth grade, I've seen at least three of the movies, and I STILL don't pronounce this name right. "Dart-again?"
welovejamesarness  11/14/2011
This is what a friend of my family named a colt, he was a beautiful Tennessee Walker paint, and when he became a young stud, he had the attitude to match the name. It's a good name for a pet but not a person.
Petra2014  12/1/2011


There is a slight pause between the "D" and following letter, if I am not mistaken. "A" is as in "Father." The "-GN" combination resembles the '-ni-' found in the English 'Onion,' or the Spanish 'Ñ.'
Francesca  2/16/2012
Richard Hugh "Ritchie" Blackmore, famed British guitarist and songwriter of the bands Deep Purple and Rainbow (and currently of the folk-rock band Blackmore's Night), and his wife Candice Lauren Night have a son named Rory Dartanyan, who was born February 7th, 2012.

As far as I can tell, they do not appear to use the apostrophe in his middle name. "D'Artanyan" is the Russian form of D'Artagnan.
la-petite-rachel  2/7/2014
It's a very cool sounding name, however, not a great one for a real person. It's just a little too unusual, and nobody would be able to pronounce it. However, Dart would make a cool nickname.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2016
We named our son Dartagnan, he was born in 2001. Lots of our friends thought it was very cool, some, a few, had the opposite reaction, I thought it incredibly rude that a good friend of mine would make fun of the name... seeing he named his kid Gavin... HOW boring! My son loves his name, 95% of people that meet him think it's very cool. We, and all his friends call him Dart for short.
jeffbpqrstuvw  2/20/2017

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