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Hi there! As far as I know, you can pronounce it as "DAG-nee", "Danny", "Downey" and the very similar yet different "Down-NY". I'm from Denmark and we all pronounce it "Down-NY". Very beautiful "old lady" name that deserves a comeback.
montecaio  4/11/2015
I love this name. When I have a daughter I intend to name her this both because I love the Atlas Shrugged character and because I love both of its meanings. The meaning listed on this site is the traditional one, however, I've heard that its secondary meaning is "strong-willed" which I think is great for a modern girl child. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Although, I intend on pronouncing it "Dag-nee," regardless of the traditional pronunciation.
jobisierra14  1/23/2012
Pronounced DAWG-nee in Norwegian.
― Anonymous User  7/29/2011
Dagny is so harsh for a little girl. It sounds like (and reminds me of) "dagger".
― Anonymous User  3/25/2011
Dagny is such a light and pretty name.
vomiting  1/14/2010
It's worth to mention that Dagny Juel was wife of Polish poet of modernism period Stanislaw Przybyszewski.
shark555  4/13/2009
Dagny Juel (originally "Juell") was a minor Norwegian writer who had relationships with the painter Edvard Munch (for whom she posed) and playwright August Strindberg, among others. She was eventually shot by one of her lovers under mysterious circumstances.
Kosta  5/31/2007
Seen pronunciation as dahg-NEE.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2007
It is pronounced as DUNG-nee.
Ylva  5/17/2006
This is my name and I love it! Never meet anyone with it. However no one can pronounce it. I pronounce it as it is spelled. People from Scandinavian countries tell me it is a softer sound with the 'a' more of an 'ah' sound. So
D-ah-gny but then it sounds like dogny, and as a twelve year old I did not appreciate the correction. So however you want to pronounce it just like it is spelled or with the cultual twist.
dagny  4/16/2006
Dagny Taggart is the heroine of Ayn Rand's acclaimed novel Atlas Shrugged.
NinaCorleone  7/5/2005

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