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The beginning could also mean "big" (as well as "first") and I'm not sure about "sun", but know it can if it's Ta/Tai rather than Da/Dai. Ichi can mean "one" or "person" (I think).
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
Yes, that is true, ichi means one or I (for boys I think, I'm Chinese so I'm not too sure). It's also he name of one of the Beyblade charatcers.
JungKyungSoon  6/8/2006
It also can mean "big blood", "great thousand" or "big earth", taking it's indiviual elements.
tokidoki_xx  11/23/2006
I think it can also mean "big one" or "great one", for Da is commonly written as ‘å, means great (or big), and ichi means one, so that's it. But I wonder what is the difference of the meaning of the above kanji and this, ‘¾, which is pronounced ta.
rikkai_tensai  4/16/2007

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