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My name is Demaris. Spelled slightly different - De instead of Da. This is just another one of many variations for this name. I have always pronounced my name (Deh)-(mare)-(ris), with the most enunciation on the (mare), although it is a quick enunciation, rather than a long, drawn out stress of the syllable. I have a friend who is from Greece, and he pronounces it (Dah)-(mah)-(riz), with a very long stress on the (mah). My friend tells me it's a very common girl's name in many parts of Greece. It is translates like this: From Greek 'Damaris' (calf) or else a diminutive of 'damar' (wife).
In the Bible Damaris is a woman converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. She was an educated woman who heard Paul speak at the Open-air Supreme Court of Athens.

It also holds the meaning: Noble, Gentle

I've seen it used in several novels, There's a Damaris BBQ, Damaris Lingerie. I even saw a local live performance artist named Demaris when I was checking out Ian Cooke (amazing cellist/folk singer).

It's a name that gets people asking questions. Some think it's unique and some think it's strange, but it's mine and I love it.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2009
I liked this name when I thought it was pronounced "dah-MARE-is," but then I realized it was "DAM-ar-is" and now it seems sort of unfortunate for a little girl.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2014
I've never heard this name pronounced DAM-e-rus. I've always heard da-MAIR-is.
earthnut  5/24/2016

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