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The name Damian is the Christian spelling, meaning "the profit". Some people say that the the name Damien (spelling) is the devil's son but it is just a name.
Damian R.e  4/3/2017
Okay so Lucifer whom is the devil himself was an angel of God's. So he had a physical body. Then he has a wife in hell whom also had a physical body. So having a son named Damien isn't a problem between the both of them. Damien is the anti-christ. He's more than just a demon. Just giving info for those who don't know their history and there's always Google which I search daily.
Elidavis1997  11/30/2015
I believe this name to partly at least derive from an ancient Greek perception of life. That each person had a driving spark that urged him to follow and behave certain ways. This was considered a vital part of the soul while in the body. Something one could not alter or destroy about themselves. A flashy spark that drives an artist a warrior a king a mother... This thing was called your personal deamon I believe the word diadem... the sparkling crown... and diamond to be derived from this concept as well. It allowed for ecentticities in the Greek view of freedoms. And these are people known to sometimes fight battles NUDE with long hair flowing. So for me the name is neither good nor bad as a deamon was not always your best self or your worst but just YOU. I like it immensely. The Greek idea may have been.. most likely... a barrow from older middle eastern names for sudden unpredictable happenings such as sand storms, drought, famine. But the Greeks liked the freedom part of that.
julia24  10/20/2015
People, please get your facts -right-. Damian is not the son of the devil in Christian mythology in –any- way, shape, or form. In fact, it’s only in the Omen that this is the name, and it was chosen with no religious significance or relation. It has –nothing- to do with the devil, apart from that film. Zilch. Zero. Nada. This means, that if you ignore pop culture, Damian is a perfectly normal, acceptable name. Not evil or demonic. It’s only been made so by the film; and if the kid had been named Daniel, Edward or Fredrick, you can bet those names would be synonymous with the Devil in popular culture nowadays, even if they aren’t in religious dogma.

Some people say the devil’s son is named Mammon, some don’t know or name it. But it certainly ain’t Damian. In fact, the name should only remind people of the Omen/Devil and put them off the name, if, whereupon hearing the word Samara, their mind is as easily influenced as to go to the un-creepy girl from the Ring rather then the Russian city or that mountain.

Sadly that is most people.

Oh, and by the way. There are apparently four –saints- named Damian. How “unholy” is that?

I personally think Damian is a lovely name, if, like so many lovely names, ruined by clueless film directors. However, there are many forms of the name…such as Demyan. Damien or Damiano. So use them or go live in that country if you want to avoid the clueless minions of popular culture tormenting your poor son and trying to use him in some kind of Black Mass. ^^
― Anonymous User  7/26/2006
According to the Dictionary of First Names the meaning "to tame, subdue" is actually used as a euphemism for "to kill".
nafer1  5/18/2005

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