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the name Damon has more meanings than were given, including; day, constant tame and domesticated, and loyal friend. I think it also has a meaning related to "spirit" but I'm not totally sure.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2004
The name Damon is not, as sometimes thought, derived from the German word Dämon, which is the German word for demon, with etymological origins in the meaning spirit and genius. The pronunciations are similar, however.
ananaso  2/3/2006
Damon, derivation of Semetic and Aramaic D'Amun (Spirit, essence or likeness) "of God", in old texts used for Middle eastern use of Adam, as made in the essence of Anun or Amun-Ra- the light of the World, the God associated with the sun; this form fell out of use in Babylon when El or YWHW; before the one God temples and buildings were dedicated to the High Gods of the Sun and the womb of the world, and many Canaanite buildings had several Gods in the Canaanite Pantheon.
One of Amun and Sophia's offspring became popular in much of Africa and Middle East known as Ba'El or Bael Marduke; in the return from Babylon various versions and names of Canaanite Gods fell out of use.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2017

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