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Dana Scully is the name of the female agent played by Gillian Anderson on the TV show The X Files.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2005
Dana's Valley is a book by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan. It's about a girl named Erin and her sister's name is Dana.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2005
This isn't short form of Polish "Bogdana". We don't use that name.
Kicia  1/1/2006
I think this is a very nice name, delicate but not weak. To me personally, I find this name too feminine for a boy.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Dana Barrett is a character, played by Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters amd Ghostbusters 2.
Tudor  6/14/2006
Dana Scallon represented Ireland with "All Kinds of Everything" in 1970 and won the Eurovision Song Contest. She had a couple of more hits throughout the 1970s.
A famous bearer is also late Dana Hill, star of "European Vacation (1985)" with Chevy Chase.
audreyhubley  8/5/2006
Dana Foster is character´s name from the TV series "Step by Step". She played by Staci Keanan.
Maggie_Simpson  8/6/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Dana here:
_satu_  9/3/2006
Dana, for a girl, was used more during the 60's, 70's and 80's.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2006
Dana is a feminine Bulgarian name too. It is also used as a short form of Bogdana. [noted -ed]
iva_toneva  1/4/2007
'La tribu de Dana' is a song by Manau.
desert rose  1/29/2007
The pronunciation written here works for Czech, too. [noted -ed]
One famous Czech bearer is Dana Zátopková, athlete, who won on the Olympic games in Helsinki 1952 - just like her husband, Emil Zátopek, did.
HanaB  10/18/2007
It's not a Polish name at all. There's "Dania" which is the diminutive form for "Danuta" but Dana and Dania are quite distinct and not at all the interchangeable.
angolmois  8/20/2008
I really hate this name for a guy.
emiline  11/8/2008
I was ALMOST named Dana (Dana For A Day, my mom always says) and I wish I had been. Instead, I got stuck with Megan, which is overly popular and I hate it, a lot. I'd much rather be named Dana, it's very pretty and I don't know anybody who goes by it.
meggsxx3  4/1/2009
Dana is also used in Hebrew.
TheR  5/7/2009
Also used in South Africa as a strictly masculine nickname for Daniel, and pronounced DAH-nah.
Anneza  6/24/2009
Dana Wynter (pronounced DAH-na), born Dagmar Winter, is a German-born, British-raised U.S. actress.
Kosta  9/30/2009
I like this name a lot pronounced as DAH-nah, it is like an alternative to the overused Donna. I think I will name a book character this. I don't like it pronounced DAY-na, that to me is a last name (Any one else remember the Dana Girls Mysteries?)
― Anonymous User  4/22/2013
In Persian Dana (دانا) (pronounced DAA-naa) means "wise".
― Anonymous User  5/18/2014
This is such an ugly name that reminds me of a caveman.
lilpimpteller  6/17/2015
Dana DeArmond is an American pornographic actress and director who entered the industry in 2004. DeArmond grew up in Orlando, Florida. DeArmond had gained popularity before her porn career, as an internet personality with over 300, 000 friends on Myspace. After meeting porn director Eon McKai on MySpace, she did her first scene for the film Neu Wave Hookers. She asserts on her MySpace profile that TheInternetsGirlfriend. Com is her official website and that she is not affiliated with any other website. DeArmond is currently the host of a show titled Dirty/Nerdy on Vivid Radio for Sirius XM.
cutenose  7/17/2017
Okay, it is pronounced DAH-naa not dayna. And the name is dutch, just saying.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2017

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