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The name is pronounced DAH-nai-ay according to my Latin teacher who has her doctorate in the Classics. She becomes irate when she hears it pronounced any other way.
yodelleaheywho  1/14/2006
According to my Latin teacher (who, honestly, is probably a great deal less reliable than yodelleaheywho's), this name is pronounced DAWN-a-ee with the accent mark. Without the accent mark, it should be (at least in Classical pronunciation) DAWN-ie or DAN-ie.
Silversliver  5/12/2006
The pronunciation of the name is actually just DAH-nai. I would know, it is my name after all. in Greek, it is something like THA-nai.
danae17  3/31/2006
I have heard that this name rhymes with Renee.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006
I have heard DAN-ay-ee (by the BtN pronunciation guide).
Aqua  11/21/2006
I pronounce "Danae" the way the Merriam-Webster dictionary folks say to do it: DAN-uh-ee. Someone earlier mentioned on this board that it should be pronounced DAN-ee or dan-EE, since it's a classical name; however, I think the poster was referring to Latin and not to Greek. The Latin pronunciation would indeed be DAN-ee or dan-EE (and not to put too fine a point on it, the second syllable is clasically pronounced among Latin scholars as a long "I" as in "island", but nobody ever pronounces it that way in general modern usage -- but if people did, it would be DAN-eye or dan-EYE). All this Latin discussion is, however, irrelevant, since "Danae" is a Greek name and not subject to the same rules. Furthermore, take a look at the name. I'm not able to insert a diaeresis (those little double dots above a given vowel) with this keyboard, but the webmaster of this site was able to. You'll notice at the top of the page a diaeresis above the "e" of "Danae," which means it's supposed to be pronounced as its own vowel and not as part of a diphthong, or to be ignored as a silent letter. Perhaps the most famous example of a diaeresis is that of the literary sisters, the Brontes. (Again, I'm unable to add that special marking above the "e".) In conclusion, that is why Merriam-Webster correctly states the pronunciation as DAN-uh-ee, since the "e" with its diaeresis means it is neither silent nor part of a diphthong. I hope this settles the matter, but since the people who visit this site like a good spirited discussion, I doubt it will! :-)
english_lit_major  2/1/2007
Danaé´s pet forms are Dana, Danka, Danaika, Danila. Pronounced as "Dah-nah-aa".
Karcoolka  4/16/2007
Danaé is a beautiful name. :-))
Pronounced as "DAH-na-ai".
Maggie_Simpson  10/3/2007
In Greece Danae pronounced da-NAE (d- is like th- in that).
E.K.  6/8/2008
The Classical Greek pronunciation is 'DAN-ay-ee' and the Modern Greek is 'dah-NAH-ee'.
I like both but I lean towards the Modern Greek, personally.
Hannah Ruth  9/11/2008
Well, this looks to be the Latinized version of Danaoi, which may either have been DAHN-ee or DAHN-ah-ee. However, in Latin "ae" was pronounced like "eye," although there is an accent above the "e." My best guess as to the pronunciation is DAH-nie-ay.
erb816  5/22/2010
On British (BBC) television there's a major quiz show called "Mastermind" - one of this evening's questions concerned the mythological Danae - the question master pronounced it Dan-eye (and the contestant knew exactly who he meant, giving the correct answer about her). The BBC prides itself on pronouncing names correctly, so I presume the question master got it right.
It's a lovely name.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2012
Pronunced "DAN-ie".
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  1/15/2017

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