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Danell Leyva is a Cuban American gymnast on America's men's gymnastics team for the 2012 Olympics.
bibi66  8/2/2012
This is my husband's name, and he insists it's Irish. For all I know, he could be right.

I prefer Danel to Daniel if only because it's easier to say and is less likely to be mistaken for the feminine Danielle.
RedGyl  5/18/2008
This form of Daniel is found in the Bible in Hebrew (Ezekiel 14:14; 28:3). It could possibly refer to the biblical prophet Daniel, but most scholars are of the opinion that Daniel would not yet be so famous to be linked to Noah and Job in the first passage. A hero found in Ugaritic texts may be refered to. In this case, Danel would be the Hebrew form of that Ugaritic name. This would mean that there are older Hebrew and Ugaritic roots to the first name Danel.
richardvandillen  12/2/2005

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