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My name is Danica. It is pronounced Da-nik-a. I have seen some discussion on the pronunciation of it and I wanted to add my two cents. I rarely get someone who can appropriately pronounce my name unless they are European. Most Americans pronounce it Dan-eeka.
-- dalter  3/4/2005
I've heard "Danica" pronounced two different ways: "dan-ika" and "daw-nika." It's a very pretty name; I like it a lot. It is also the first name of the main character of Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.
-- Num3ros  7/24/2005
This name, according to the Serbian script, is pronounced dah-nee-tsa. This is a very pretty name IMO. I love the meaning of it too.
-- Arieanne  2/11/2006
My name's Danica. I live in the UK, and I pronounce it DAN-i-kah. (Though I wouldn't say there was obvious emphasis on any of the syllables really) There seems to be a great range of differing pronunciations for this name.

I derived this username, Weaponstar, from the meaning "morning star", because a morning star is also a medieval weapon (a bit like a mace).
-- Weaponstar  12/20/2006
As far as I know, the pronunciation of this name is Da-nee-tsah, or something like this.
-- Milena  1/23/2007
In the actual languages of origin, this name is pronounced "dah-nee-cha".
-- Keeping Tempos  6/28/2007
Danica is correctly pronounced "Dah-NEETS-ah." It is butchered with the incorrect pronunciations "DAN-ick-ah" or "Dan-ee-kah."
-- MissMarmelstein  10/30/2007
With that Cyrillic spelling it seems it should be dah-nee-tsah.
-- YMPvt  5/14/2008
Croatian pronunciation of Danica is dah-nee-tsah.
-- enchy  3/7/2009
Pronounced "dah-nee-tsah" or "dah-nee-kah" (shortly).
-- MaggieSimpson  10/3/2009
In Slavic languages, this name is always pronounced DAH-ni-tsah (all syllables are short).
-- goricar  11/20/2009
I have heard it pronounced two ways, DAN-ik-a or Da-NEE-ka.
-- Alora  1/3/2010
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is dah-nyee-tsah (shortly).
-- MaggieSimpson  5/9/2010
Danica can be pronounced two ways, my friend is Da-nica, that is so much better than how people always say Dan-i-ca.
-- Missy125  3/12/2011
In English language pronounced "dah-NI-kah" or "dah-nee-kah".
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2011
It's pronounced daneetza.
-- danizeeza  5/3/2015
My name is Danica. But it's pronounced Dawn-eh-tsah. Emphasis on the dawn with a short "e" sound that sounnds more like "eh" than an "ee" tone. :)


Background is Slovenian.
-- d4nica  6/29/2015

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