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My name is Danielle and to be honest I absolutely hate it, it just doesn't suit me. So everyone I know calls me Dani except for one teacher who can really get on my nerves because she pronounces my name Dan-yell and I get really annoyed because I don't understand how people call it that because there is no "Y" in it. I pronounce it Dani-elle, pretty simple. Some people I know don't even know that my full name is Danielle because I am that secretive about it.
― Anonymous User  10/17/2017
My name is Danielle. Pronounced Dan-E-L. Whenever anyone calls me Dan-yall it makes my skin crawl... I loathe it... but I tolerate it. (if that makes sense)

Obviously there are two variations of pronunciation - some prefer it one way - others the other... Usually I encourage people to call me Dani or Dan - that way my name does not get mispronounced.

The meaning of the name is "God is my Judge".
Danielle A  11/28/2015
Pronounced "dan-ee-ell".
― Anonymous User  9/15/2015
I was born in 1994 as well and in my country the name can be pronounced as DAN-ee-yell or DAN-yell, doesn't really make a big difference, its basically the same. I love my name. The most common nickname for Danielle, is Dani pronounced DAN-ee.
NiNja09  9/25/2012
In Australia and some other English speaking countries this name is pronounced Dani-elle. It is distinctively three syllables.
vomiting  3/27/2011
My name is Danielle, and it's pronouced dan-yell. I think that's the way most Canadians pronounce it. My name being pronounced dan-e-elle doesn't bother me because it's hardly noticable when talking to someone else (maybe it's my accent). Anyways, what drives me be crazy is when people accidentally call me Daniel. That happens a lot.
danielle_marion  6/4/2007
Danielle can also be pronounced as dan-EE-el. This is how I and most people I know pronounce Danielle.
Darnielle  9/26/2006
My cousin bears this name. In Dutch we pronounce it as: Dahn-ee-el-luh.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2005
The name Danielle is pronounced like Dan E L.
luckyrolo  3/25/2005

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