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This is also the Romanian form.
― Anonymous User  8/13/2007
Science fiction and fantasy author Sergei Lukyanenko named his son Daniil.
lilolaf  2/14/2016
Popular like crazy in Russia at the moment. All of a sudden it's top 5. My husband was named Daniil 30 years ago, and he was the only one around for a long-long time. Now there are little Daniils everywhere you go)
Short diminutive is Danya. My Spanish-speaking friend always feels a bit funny about it, cause Danya seems to be a girl name in Spanish))
Firr  3/1/2016
This name is also used in Modern Greek. [noted -ed]
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  10/26/2016
Modern Greek name: Δανιήλ. Greek feminine forms can be Daniella or Daniela (Δανιελλα/Δανιελα).
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/29/2016
Daniil Strakhov is a Russian actor. Internationally, he is the best known for his role of Vladimir Ivanovich Korf in the television series Poor Nastya and Captain Lisnevsky in the film Transit.
lilolaf  3/6/2017

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