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Danika is the ugliest name I have ever heard of. It is a dog name.
Jordan992  6/21/2005
What a helpful and constructive comment! My dog, Jordan, thought the same, and I will be changing her name immediately.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2005
Danica is a very beautiful elegant name. I love the meaning of this name.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006
I think Danika is a really cool and unique name. It's definitely not a dog's name!
aja3  7/30/2007
The name's meaning seems to clash with its sound. The sound of the name is dark, ominous in my mind. Odd that it would mean "morning" star. It's a very beautiful name to me.
Mystery_Masterman  8/7/2007
Yep, dog's name.
Devilqueen  12/6/2008
I have a niece named Danika. I have always thought it was a very pretty name. Her mom is named Dana, so it's almost like she was named after her mother.

I personally could never see naming a dog something so sophisticated.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2009
The worst name I ever heard. Better use Danica (dah-nee-tsah), not Danika.
enchy  3/19/2009
My name is Danika and I personally think that it is a pretty name. I've had many compliments and no one had ever said that it was a dogs name. So if I named my dog Hannah or Alexander would that make them dogs' names also? Think before you say something because that comment was honestly not needed. Thank you.
qwerty22  11/11/2009
I think this is a lovely name! It is one of my friend's favorite names. I like this spelling better than Danica, though both are nice.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2010
Danica Patrick, a NASCAR driver.
Liesl  2/20/2010
My name being Danika, as soon as I saw that first comment my jaw dropped. Ouch.
Personally, I always loved my name, and somewhat despised the (more common?) spelling "Danica". It just looks so wrong...
The meaning really is nice, though. Sometimes when I walk outside at night I'll look up and just gaze at the stars and smile, because the stars can be really magical. And the part about it being morning... I was born in the morning, around 6 or 6:30 am, so discovering this meaning was a bit of a pleasant coincidence. My parents had picked this name for the definition "gift from God" (which I was told was of German origin), because I was the second twin/"bonus baby", not because of this meaning. But I love this name all the same.

This name would also sound horribly out-of-place on a dog. I don't know how anyone could name a dog that.
Danneyland  6/19/2015
I named my daughter Dannikka, which is just a different spelling of this name. I have been in love with this name since I was young and I think it's a beautiful name. My daughter is beautiful, smart, independent, strong and sassy. Just as I would think the name sounds like.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2018

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