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Everyone that I know that has this name (including my mother) has used Donna as their American name when they came here from Poland.
ScullyToo  12/6/2004
The stem Dan- may be Slavic or Baltic, but the ending -uta in Danuta is most probably of Lithuanian origin. The Polish language does not definitely use "-uta" as a diminutive ending, and scarcely ever uses it at all. The Lithuanian, however has the name Biruté (Biruta in Slavic, and this makes it probable that the same ending may be the origin of -uta in Danuta. The Lithuanians use "Danuté" as a variant of Danuta.
cristobal51  10/30/2006
Can also be a feminine form of Daniel.
Likeyeahwhatev  2/23/2009

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