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Darcy is also Irish for Dark! I like this meaning better than the others.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2006
Darcy is not Irish for dark.

I think it's best for a boy, I couldn't really see it on a girl.
wefrox  10/30/2006
Actually, one of the two origins (in addition to d'Arcy) is that it IS derived from the Irish for dark. It is an Anglicisation of Dorchaidhe.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2007
Actually, Darcy is my name, and I've looked up the meaning, and it DOES mean dark. And I really think it'd be a bad boy's name.
Darxmuse89  4/20/2007
My last name is D'Arcy, I always felt it was uncommon and I could never find where Arcy is in France? Must have lost its place on the map over the years. I went to France a few years back and saw a statue of Joan D'Arc. Still missing the Y but I wonder if she was of Arcy or was there really a place of Arc. I have always wondered about my last name's origin, this stuff is pretty interesting. I always thought it was French, but I know I have some Irish heritage also so I never really was for sure.
adarcy04  8/14/2007
There is no word ending in Y in the French Language and there is no such place as Arcy in France. The town is called Arc, where Joan of Arc came from (Joan d'Arc). There is an Irish meaning of "dark one" as well. My mother's maiden name was D'Arcy. I don't know when but the y was added in Ireland to make it sound Irish. My maternal grandfather came from Doone, County Limerick. Many families in Ireland dropped the apostraphe, which indicates its French origin. So am I related to Joan of Arc? I am personally against using Irish surnames for first names, especially when the child's last name is far from Irish, ie Ryan Lefkowitz. Sounds so stupid!
stagirl  9/5/2007
In the girl section of my name meanings book, Darcy means "from the stronghold". In the boy section of the same book, it means "from the fortress". So, go figure that one out.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2008
There are two very little villages called Arcy in France: Arcy-sur-Cure in Burgundy and Arcy-Sainte-Restitue in Picardie. You can find them on Wikipedia:

But Darcy isn't a first name in France, except when the parents choose it as an English name for their child.
Marie-Amelie  5/29/2009
The surname Darcy comes from two different sources:

1. A French locational name from the village of Arcy in Manche, which is a district of Normandy. The name means "settlement of the bear" in French. The surname was brought to England by the Normans.

2. Much less commonly, an Irish surname. Although in Ireland this was also brought over by the Normans in 1169, it can also be an Anglicisation of the native Gaelic surname "O'Dorchaidhe", which means "son of the dark one".

Read more:
keepitreal  1/27/2011
It's origin is Gaelic. I have the name, so I know. I'm also Irish. It means dark one, or dark haired one.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2012
Hi my name is Darcy too and am male, I was named after an Irish man, Kevin D'Arcy. Can someone explain The Meaning of Dark One...?
Dark X  12/7/2015
Dark X: The meaning of "Dark One" is from the Dark Irish, who have dark hair and eyes (hazel eyes as well).
CA Skunk  12/12/2015

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