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Steponas Darius (1896-1933) was Lithuanian-American pilot who crossed Atlantic Ocean in 1933. Form Darius (Dah-ryus) is more popular in Lithuania than Darijus because many of people are named after transatlantic pilot, the national hero of country. Also there is the word "daryti" (in English - to do) in Lithuanian language. [noted -ed]
sktonas  4/12/2017
In our country Lithuania, more popular DARIUS name and Darijus is betveen rare names.
Darius - from the ancient Persian name Dârayavahus: dâraya [= manage] and Váhu [= wealth, goods]. The name later adapted the Greeks and the Romans, and it became easier (Darius). Less credible hypothesis that the name comes from the Lithuanian word Darus [= active].
From Lithuania  12/10/2015
It is a Persian name coming from "Dariush" who was a great Persian king that invaded Greece. Your information is wrong, it was not Dariush who was defeated at Marathon but his son Xerxes, please change that!

Also, this name has Persian origins and got into Europe by Romans who later translated Persian Wars into Latin.
artemixra  7/23/2006
The forces of Darius were defeated at Marathon; the navy of Xerxes I was defeated at Salamis.
Mike C  7/26/2006

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