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I've red somewhere that the origin of this name is Slavic, of course, and for the first time is shown on the teritory of Czech Republic and Slovakia during 18th century. This name is very popular in all former Yugoslav republics.
Meaning: the one that have been given (from God) to his parents.
Other script: Дарко (Macedonia, Serbia&Montenegro and Bulgaria)
darkosum  3/18/2006
In Serbia Darko is the nickname for Dalibor. Dalibor is as common as Daniel in Serbia, so Darko is like Danny.
keiralinn  11/25/2006
(just for those non-Slavs who might wonder here)

Darko is not a nickname for Dalibor. Borko or Boro might be nicknames but Darko has a whole different etymology. I don't know how anyone would get Darko from Dalibor.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2011

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