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It is indeed derived from Hebrew dod meaning "beloved". The name Doda has been used as a female form.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
David was a man after God's own heart in the Bible. He also wrote the well known book of "Pslams" in the Bible.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2007
My mother told my brother (his name is David) and me that the name David means "king" in Latin.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2007
Somebody's mother is misinformed. David does not mean anything in Latin. David is a Hebrew word. Latin is an Indo-European language, not a Semitic one. David appears in the Latin translation of Jewish and Christian texts, just as Chaka probably does in the Finnish translation of Zulu texts, but this does not make Chaka a Finnish name or David a Latin one. The Latin for "king" is rex, which gives us words like regal, royal and the male name Rex ... which the ancient Romans never used as a name, in part because of their passionate hatred of kings and kingship.
Anneza  9/2/2007
Would be interested to know the original Hebrew pronunciation, as the vav of Modern Hebrew was once pronounced "w", and as the Arabic form of this name is still pronounced Dawud. The related modern Hebrew word for "beloved" is pronounced "Dodi".

To those speculating about a homoerotic relationship between David and Jonathan, let me clarify. In the context of Hebraic culture, your romantic, physical, sexual feelings were reserved for your wife. But your truly deep, sacrificial, compassionate kind of love you reserved for the dearest of friends. Thus what we see between David and Jonathan is not a romantic or sexual love, but a sacrificing, selfless, die-together kind of love, beyond the feelings you'd have for a wife or sexual partner, hence the expression "passing the love of women". Which does not mean "you love me the way you would otherwise be loving your wife", but means "you love me more than any imaginable bond of the senses or flesh could inspire".
gracesingh  1/6/2014

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