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My name is Davida and my family often shortens it to Vida. I usually get positive reactions to my name; however, when I was a very little girl, I was made to wear my hair in a short style until I was about 5. I would beg my mother to allow me to grow my hair to appear more feminine and girly. Throughout my life I never felt attractive to the opposite gender in any way and have always felt rather ugly. It has always been my dream to have the same confidence, sex appeal, success, talents and attractiveness as a bearer of my name in its masculine form (David).
Davida  12/6/2017
It has a lovely sound. I like it.
Paula Puddephatt  5/27/2017
Also Italian, albeit rare.
Frollein Gladys  8/25/2016
Davida is a dumb name. I happen to have it as my middle name, and I got teased terribly, because people called me Dave, in front of the headmaster, and then the headmaster called me DAVE!
― Anonymous User  12/9/2013
I wouldn't use it, but I actually think its quite pretty when pronounced 'dah-VEE-dah'.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2013
David is a very unfeminine name. Why would you feminize it? (I know in Portuguese, we have lots of feminine forms, even for names that don't have them in English. But I've never heard Davida before.)
Buneary  12/27/2012
My name is Divita. My parents changed the spelling because they feared people would mispronounce it "dayviduh" ("Davida" is pronounced "duh-VEE-duh" but the T in mine makes it "duh-VEE-Tuh"). I've never met anyone with either variation, however DiVita is a somewhat common last name.
divita  2/7/2010
My friend's mother is named Davida. I think it is a very lovely and unconventional name. I also think this name could suit a boy depending on the person.
YentruocFailzer  11/22/2009
I think this is a lovely name, pronounced Doh-Vee-Dah. The shape is interesting, too, which is a big factor in my opinion.
MoonAgeDaydreamer  3/23/2009
Author Davida Hurwin wrote the popular teen book, "A Time for Dancing".
funinthesun19  4/9/2008

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