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A variant of this name is Davorin.
-- goricar  6/6/2010
It is an old South Slavic given name possibly derived from the prehistoric Slavic god of war (equivalent of Mars) or from an old exclamation expressing joy or sorrow.
-- Meg_Simpson  10/22/2010
A famous bearer is Davor Ebner, lead singer of the band Regina.
-- LullabyMoon11  11/1/2010
Davor (Rugiewit, Rugiwit or Rujevit) was a Slavic deity. In a questionable interpretation he is seen by some as a local personification of the all-Slavic god of war Perun (Roman god Mars).
-- Seeker1603  1/21/2017
In Wendish mythology the god Rugiewit is the protector of the isle of Rügen.
-- Anonymous User  1/21/2017
Davor Antunovic, popular German writer and psychotherapist.
-- Anonymous User  1/21/2017

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