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It is the first name of the central character in Harold Robbin's novel, "The Adventurers" which was also a motion picture.
-- Anonymous User  2/18/2005
The name DAX also is from a book (which spawned a movie) called the Adventurers. This South American book contained a main character whose name was Diogens Alexander Xenos and was shortened by his parents to DAX as they felt that it was too long. The meaning of the name is broken down to Diogenes (Greek philosopher known for seeking the Trust); Alexander (Alexander the Great - known for conquering the known world); and Xenos (characters last name). As such, the meaning of the name DAX is "the truth that will conquer the world".
-- Augur  7/21/2005
Dax, is one of the highest and most regarded Trill symbiants in all of Star Trek. A Trill symbiant bonds will a person and will do so for up to 10 or so life times and retain all of the memories of the past hosts. This symbiant was the symbiant of some of the most influential people of Star Trek.
-- Curzon Dax  2/15/2006
Dax was a Character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
-- Veronica Mikal  9/11/2006
Dax Shepard was on the 1st season of Punk'd.
-- Anonymous User  3/6/2006
A form of Dag, a Scandinavian god "the son of Night", bringer of daylight to the world. Also associated with water. Also form found as Daq, Dack, Das, Daecca (10th or decca).
-- rewolf  5/31/2006
Dax sounds like a comic book sound effect. "Shazam! Pow! Dax! Ka-BOINGGGGG!"
-- Starla Roxanne  9/18/2006
Sounds incomplete, immature, and quite unintelligent.
-- slight night shiver  5/19/2008
Dax sounds exactly like the Australian colloquial term daks "trousers".
-- nafer1  8/21/2008
Oh come on, parents, it's like you didn't even try! This name is so intellectually sterile and absurd that I'm not wasting another moment on this.
-- gaelruadh19  2/14/2009
I named my son Dax after Werner was shot down by his father, and Gustaf brought on a wrath from my mother as "too ethnic". However I found myself drawn to the name Dax from some little voice within.

Having met a Dax and not thought much of him socially it's not a name that was on my radar. Dax is the name of Kirk Douglas's heroic character in the Stanley Kubrick film Paths of Glory. Being a big Kirk Douglas fan I was sold upon Dax.

There is a bit of trouble with people hearing his name properly at times but I simply say, "Dax like Max, but with a D". Dax's middle name Luxemburg creates the perfect nickname-DLux- and people seriously have swooned over how sweet and playful his name is.

Dax means water in French, as well as is the name of the German stock exchange.

I don't get how previous comments could be so harsh to such a clean, crisp, strong, affirmative, friendly and authoritative name that is oh so flexible. This is one happy mama's opinion.
-- PickyPicky  4/27/2009
To the above poster who said Dax means water in French-- it does not. The French word for water is "eau".
-- Anonymous User  7/17/2009
Extremely stupid, juvenile, and minimalist.
-- bananarama  5/8/2009
This name is very unique and rarely used. It seems to be sophisticated, yet simple. Any boy or man should be proud to have this name.
-- jesse rae  5/11/2009
In Ali Sparkes' "Shapeshifter" series, the main character - a shapeshifter able to change to a fox and falcon (and an otter) - is called Dax, if I remember correctly.
-- Catsafari  8/18/2010
Dax Shepard is an famous American actor with this name.
-- Anonymous User  10/3/2010
As a nickname, "Dax" holds my golden approval. As a legal first name, "Dax" holds my utter disgust, distaste, and disapproval. It is an atrocity in professional life-- thus unprofessional. Incredibly unintelligent, and seems as though it would be a choice from southern pageant mothers. Uneducated, pretentious, attempted ornate, unbelievably childish.

To the mother who posted about a son "Dax": I am pleased that it is working out in his boyhood-- truly. It actually made me smile. Careful with the future, though.
... as far as "DLux" goes, I would not be caught saying that in public places on a regular basis. Regrettably, it sounds much like an... "alternative" name in "certain" movies.
-- Francesca  5/27/2011
From the town of Dax and French commune located in the department of Landes, in the region of Aquitaine, Southern France. Subprefecture the district Dax and chef-lieu of the cantons of Dax Nord and Dax Sud.
The place name derives from the Latin, as the city was called Aquae Tarbellicae (aquae = water) during the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. From this it became Acqs, d'Acqs (the waters)and finally Dax.
-- rewolf71  8/24/2012
I'm both amazed and at the same time unsurprised that FOOLS would come on here and make judgement on any child with this name.
"Intellectually sterile" was one - holier than thou. No doubt a child of neglect (see, my assumption as baseless as the comment I am referring to).
"Extremely stupid, juvenile, and minimalist." - Slow clap, congrats for the judgement based on nothing.
Well done to those who pass judgement. Enjoy your ivory towers.
No, I do not have a child with this name but I had to comment. Such utter tools commenting on this.
-- ubascuba  3/1/2014

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